This is a poem I have just written, I hope you guys enjoy it! =)

Before you read, if any of you know me more than 5 minutes you probably know I'm a Christian.
So just do you don't feel that religion is being pushed on you there are heavy Christian overtones in this writing; I hope you'll read it anyway, even if just for the sake of the writing itself.

Weather Bound Emotions

I cry in the rain,
To my shame,
Too prideful to show the tears on my face,
Scream out to God in the thunder strikes,
God Help me, with Your might!
I'm too weak to last the day, help me Jesus with this pain!

I basque in the sun,
Warmth on my skin,
Like a butterfly I spread my wings and fly away,
Thank you God for your warmth!
I feel the fatherly hugs in the sun!

I lay in the shade of the clouds,
The silence is so loud,
Only the breeze in the grass,
You could hear the the flutter of the leaves falling,
Oh the peace, like God Himself called all to be still.

I see God's majesty in the star filled sky,
Oh the infinite power and eternal wisdom,
What an imagination what a creative spirit,
So pure and clean.....

I touch the sky with angels,
Bow at the throne,
Humbled and pure,
He gave me the privilege now I praise Him!

I walk on the clouds,
Sit on the moon,
Capture a star in the coolness of night,
Watch it melt in the warmth of day.

Swim in a lake of life,
Drink the waters or joy,
Sit in the Garden of Eden and all her majestic flowers,
And Climb the tree of life.

An active day,
There's a field,
Time to sleep in then licorice smell of Hyssop,
And the soothing lullaby of ministering angels,
With the taste of purity in my mouth I sleep with peace.

I dance in the rain,
Dance with tears of joy!
No longer unhappy,
No longer in shame,
No longer in that dreadful pain...

I scream out screams of joy before the thunder for all to hear!
Climb the echoing mountains,
Observe the sea,
Looking at God and all His Majesty.

Weather it's the sun that shines or the Wind that blows,
The rain of the day, or the clouds for shade,
The warmth of day, or the coolness of night,
Jesus takes me on a flight!

I'm the recipient of...
Weather Bound Emotions.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11 KJV

I hope you enjoyed my Poem! =)

~ God Bless ~

~ Moko'Blessed