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Thread: Latest Update

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    Latest Update

    Somehow it feels worse now than it did..... Lag is ridiculous to the point I have to drop all settings to medium now when I could run the previous version on max settings for everything. Weirdly I could still run it with max settings after the update that mangled how it felt, but now it is horrifically bad even though there hasn't been an update since that I have noticed.

    The surge of newer players seems to have disappeared which leaves the servers almost empty most of the time. I would have thought it would have been solved asap, surely the devs know about this issue?

    I was really getting into it as well as mapping. Now I have totally lost interest in mapping for UT4. Lets hope they pull their head out of their ass and get this rectified.

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    Game sucks really badly right now and people are getting butthurt when people say it is bad and needs serious fixing. For 1 they need to stop making a UT3/2k4 mashup other wise this game will never get ANYWHERE.

    perfectly shows my disgust of how terribly bad UT4 is.
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    Ya I agree fluke, ever since last couple updates ago, it felt super sluggish and well unresponsive, even when I connect to US servers. Im not gonna play till issues are fixed.

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