Hi everyone i post quickly our clan, rummors say incoming tournament of clans siege so there is. I try to support tje tournament and give fun the comunity.

Note: i want request admin uk give us love haha because some players have problems with ban and bad actitude in past we try to come with 0 dramatic. Love everyone and hope this is a great new for the tournament.

Clan Family:MEMBERS


[R]^Osyris Leader/Founder
[R]^Black|ShooT Leader/Founder
[R]^Butcher Leader
[R]^Dem` Leader
[R]^M1K3 Leader



[R]^Soldado -----> inactive


[R]^er1 -----> Inactive
[R]^Freeze aka Profesor♥----> Dunno
[R]^Orus ----->inactive
[R]^Remedy -----> Inactive
[R]^MET/\L ----->inactive
[R]^x3no -----> Inactive
[R]^ChuvayMx ----->imactive
[R]^Jarek -----> Inactive
[R]^Svelty ----->inactive
[R]^pokerFACE -----> dunno
[R]^SnOrLaCk -----> dunno
[R]^Nekos -----> Inactive
[R]^ChoKo*22* ----->inactive
[R]^Arsenal ----->inactive
[R]^AlLaN ----->inactive
[R]^Street ----->active soon
[R]^Ripper ----->active soon
[R]^M4r!o ----->active soon
[R]^Eliezer ----->inactive
[R]^J0N4 -----> inactive
[R]^Glacius ----->inactive
[R]^Slaack ----->inactive
[R]^Sakura ----->dunno
[R]^TerM|N/|toR ----->active soon
[R]^Butcher -----> dunno
[R]^Raptor-----> active soon
[R]^Ez*!-----> active soon
[R]^Frostfell aka Chubaka-----> active soon