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    LeL dat ban was like an auction for free ru

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    Quote Originally Posted by D.R.Gos View Post
    Maybe you're too stupid too see THE differents between RL and VL, maybe when you're old enough and have reach something in your life, and i doesnt Mean running a server like this... You Will understand. I dont give a shit about THE ban... If iT makes you feel better. Maybe iT is your own happiness you have in your life. But when i switch of my pc there is more enough too enjoy. Later!
    So what do you think? The people you fuck over in a game are not real? There is no difference between the people playing a game online and the people you see on a daily basis in your life. They are all humans. When you play a game or talk to people on a forum, all this is real life. The fact that you treat people behind a monitor and keyboard differently only shows 2 things: your stupidity and your cowardice.

    This chapter is closed for good.

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