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    Reason: harassment and bullying
    Ban: 100 matches, next time 300, perma there after

    1.) The same known group kept asking to ban Florencia since the last days. I watched her yesterday in 2 matches. She was not camping, she had super jet and blue gun most of the time and flew all over the map from mountains, to enemy base and back, also attacked all the time with nukes (River 3 way), and was team leader too. Only because she dominates you guys doesn’t make it a rule breaking.

    2.) I'm not your personal moderator, I moderate in interest for the entire community. Just because you and 1 or 2 more people keep begging for another person to be kicked or banned will not make any mod or admin act on your begging.

    3.) I said this numerous times before (and it is also a written rule which was announced): do not harass or bully people. Calling me "stupid ass cunt iron" will get you banned. Do it again and it will be for 300. Do it again and it will be perma. Same accounts for everyone being harassed or bullied against his or her will. Last announcement.

    4.) Since anybody thinks these threads will be run down again with kindergarten bullshit, they will be closed. @DANGERBOY: False accusements and harassment. Next time you will be banned from forum. Your False accusements will be discussed in mod forum.

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