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Thread: IronMaiden GO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast View Post
    ima troll now , doing troll traps lelele, ironmaidenfantasyworldwithoutharassandonlygoodpeop le , you actually live in an english talkers country so you have no excuse.
    That gave me a brain cramp somewhere in the middle. I can also talk in Perl or Lisp but I have never lived in those places.

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    Looks like we are done here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RTG` View Post
    Obviously he lives in America you know, poor him...

    So ridiculous, you're supposed to be a representative of this community yet you fail to maintain your frustration and go on a reply spree against everyone, at this point this thread will be finally closed due to your extreme rage and negative posts.. You can't even make positive and understandable post for everyone to accept, everyone at this point hates you with your frustrating replies if you haven't realized it yet, that's not how you're supposed to do it..
    neither is you posting dumb shit constantly to provoke people, stop taking up hdd space I pay for. gtfo

    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|kenneth View Post
    he just said "this community is just fine" so why would he do something good when its already fine?

    secondly im curious who are those poeple are you talking about on all the threads.
    you have evidence like ss and names? i mean this is really suspicious they all comming to you to complain about hate.
    while they could just come here make a thread and say what happened or has been said to him.
    sam and blaze would 100% take care of it when needed. but no instead all of them are pming you. (if the story is true)

    my third point i wanna make is. old people didn't leave because of the harassment or bullying. that's why you are making of it.
    blaze said it before poeple leave because they have lives out there.
    they get kids wifes to take care of and lots of other stuff.

    all i saw last 2 weeks was you trying to change the whole community while it wasn't needed. which turned out in everybody hating you.
    and yes that includes me aswell. don't change something that doesn't need to be changed. there's more important things to be changed asap.
    i've been made aware of who these people are and what concerns they had which is why i've been following up on everything recently on the forums and servers, including the people who have already been removed for overstepping the mark, more is yet to come if this kind of shit continues.

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