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Thread: putin

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    Stronk words from a stronk individual ^

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    Quote Originally Posted by terminator View Post
    Not hard to be objective and conclude what he is based on all news and infos except north korean.
    But on a side... i partly support Putin. Confiscating Crimea was horrible, but intervention against ISIS fully welcomed.
    I dont know what made me think of checking back here, lol

    lol @ confiscating Crimea - which has been Russian since the end of the Ottoman empire, is largely loaded with russians, has the highest concentration of russian speakers in all of the invented country of Ukraine...

    nah its just not believable that they overwhelmingly voted to rejoin russia?

    propaganda and little else.

    just like the propaganda that russia invaded the eastern regions - when all it was, was the eastern regions themselves rejecting the US-Nato coup in Kiev but NOT wanting to rejoin russia - so Kiev sends tanks to the Donbass! (muh russia! they invaded! LMAO)

    People should not forget that the coup happened in the opening months of 2014, after the previous legitimately elected government decided Russia's trade offer was better than EU-Nato feaux-sterity. Cue perfect american speaking mercenaries found in the near east regions, cue neo nazis in Kiev.

    Locals in eastern ukraine were against fracking and GMO

    but now you know why Joe Biden's son was placed on the board of that gas company.

    I also had to laugh when Putin started bombing ISIS in Syria, triply so when they hit that one that took out some cia, mossad, and egyptian special forces there helping ISIS out. Sucks when your guys dont get advanced warning of a bombing so they can clear out - no wonder the US has largely been bombing empty desert over there.

    Did you guys figure out that Benghazi was all about taking the armaments they overthrew khaddafi with, sent 'em on a boat to turkey, and from there smuggled into Syria and into the hands of the latest boogeyman invented for the population to be scared of?

    Too bad it wasnt a debate point that the clinton foundation server that was discovered in Benghazi had classified materials beyond hillary's level of classification.

    I dont think trump will get anything big done, and by big I mean real corrections like fixing the constitutional crisis that the country has been in for the last 157 years*, or ending the federal reserve's counterfeiting operation, or reinvestigating the 911 demolitions and fraud.

    If he gets too close to any of that, then Lyndon Pence will be sitting there waiting.

    Hard to reconcile the crop of apparent traitors Trump brought in to his cabinet. He's going to have to work very carefully to not get himself killed and do a tenth of what he intended to do when he was elected.

    The republicans are showing their true to form capture by the owners - trying "hard" for ~6 years to shuffle in repeal bills, and now that they have all 3 branches, they can only rearrange the deck chairs on the ACA Titanic? *hand* get that bullshit out of here. The sheer % of upper echelon Rs showed their allegiances when they were bitching about trump "not being one of us."

    * one is simply fooling himself if he believes the USA is a constitutional republic - news flash, Congress never lawfully reconvened after the southern secession, and the 14th amendment did not quite so much free slaves so much as create a new underclass of citizens categorized as chattel for the now washington dc owned territories that most people think are states. That's why I laugh when people talk about oooh he might usher in a constitutional crisis...uh, we're already there, have been there for a long ass time, how else does the government do completely unconstitutional things and then create laws to make them legal? Lincoln was a constitution trashing bastard every bit as much as Obama or Bush, worse in some cases, and when he ordered Southern representation back to congress at gunpoint and replaced the representation that would not comply - The Constitution For the United States of America was officially a zombie document. But then again, people dont even notice the differing verbiage with respect to the constitution that we now operate under the constitution of the united states. Language is being perverted and trashed for a reason, and it is why people acquiesce to their all caps STRAW MAN name, because most people simply dont realize it is a legal fiction created as part of the Insurance fraud taken out on every man woman and child in America. This is why whenever you go into a gold fringed admiralty law court these days, whenever "your name" is said, it is in reality "YOUR NAME" they are calling.

    lol - basically means that every amendment from 13 onward is illegitimate.

    Our crisis is much deeper than is realized. Do people realize that "to order a wiretap" these days is pretty much obsolete and undefined? ALL traffic is swept up and forked off to the NSA's datacenter in Utah - all Obama would have had to have done was place a back channel communication for MI6 or mossad to take a look at it and viola - no american "spy agency" "wiretapped" trump.
    I was not proud of what I had learned but I never doubted that it was worth knowing.
    ― Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary

    "if the American people knew what we had done, they would hang us all from lamp posts."
    -George H. W. Bush Sr. (Scherff)

    Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants but debt is the money of slaves.

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