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    Ban on UK/US Server

    Hello, i was banned during play w00t on UK Server... Now i'm banned on UK/US Server...

    I get the following message: BANNED DASD FOR STOP LAMING!

    I dind't do anything wrong. Please upload a demo!

    greetz PiNa

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    First off i played you earlier today on Control.

    That map you camped ramp on Control, but as soon as you saw another mod join, you stopped.
    Then i join w00t, and the first thing i notice you do is standing over our base and camp. then you stand on Your side spawnkilling over. You keep pushing the limits, and stuff. I got a few demos of you backshooting and laming.

    In rules its specified you should not defend w00t. So take a Guess, keep bending the rules when you think no mods is around , is a no go.

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    If your lucky enough you might be able to play with Timtim when he's deathmatching then he'll warn you about deathmatching when you've got 7grabs and 6 caps also warns you to prevent you from capping which wouldve been 7 grabs 7 caps.

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