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    uk clan join mlctf factions tourney CTF NORMAL WEAPONS


    MLUT and MLCTF more specifically has enjoyed great success over the past eight years, with over twenty seasons played, some of them more successful than others, but the longevity is a testament to the hardwork and dedication of the entire community. This season, we want to try something a little different...

    It has been a while since most of us have been able to play competitively with a team that was not drafted, but assembled by like-minded individuals. This MLCTF season, the players have the power. Players will have the ability to play for whichever team/captain they choose, or captain and form their own team. Participants will be placed into three (3) tiers based on fragging ability, CTF intelligence and teamwork. Each team will be allowed a maximum of three (3) Tier 1 players and required to have a minimum of two (2) Tier 3 Players.

    Exciting Features!

    - A more unrestricted team format. There will be no draft or salary cap. You pick who your willing to play with!

    - A pool of three (3) maps each week, each team picks one (1) map, with pre-determined tiebreakers!

    - New map list with the return of old school and the addition of new school maps!

    - MLUT.TV coverage for all matches!

    The basic MLUT seasonal point format that has been so successful in the past will still be the core of MLCTF Factions, but we've introduced some adjustments to enhance the competitive experience and allow more flexibility for the players.

    MLCTF Factions Anticipated Format Summary

    Players sign up and will be placed into the free agent list on website just like in previous MLCTF seasons.

    Once sign ups close, free agents will be ranked and placed into three (3) skill Tiers.

    Tier 1 - High-Skilled ($800+)

    Tier 2 - Skilled Players ($500-$799)

    Tier 3 - Moderate Players ($100-$499)

    During signups and rankings, players will have the opportunity to step up and captain a team. If you are considering captaining, you should carefully consider what players you would like on your team and be sure to CONTACT them before you sign up. As a captain, you are expected to know who your top 5-6 players are and have verbal confirmations from them.

    Once all captains are determined, each team will post their proposed roster on the forums. The rosters will be reviewed by an admin and approved if they follow the predetermined team requirements and restrictions set in place for MLCTF Factions. Once all teams are finalized, the map list and schedule will be posted.

    Get Started!
    MLUT Homepage
    Register for a ProU account
    Sign up to be a player in MLCTF FACTIONS
    Sign up to be a captain for MLCTF FACTIONS
    Player List

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    sorry i love this game

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