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    IST Fatal 4-Way Edition

    Welcome everyone to the IST Fatal 4-Way Edition. Its that time again where we host another exciting tournament.

    This tournament will consist in 16 teams of 3 players fighting their way to win a new siege title. 4 matches between 4 teams, in which the survivor of each series will advance to the grand final and try to claim victory.

    The preliminary phase of the tournament will be held on December 16th, with the grand final taking place on the 17th.
    The team & map draws will be streamed live on Friday 15th which is also when signups will be closing.

    The maplist consists of the following:

    Each series will have a different map and the map that has not been drawn live will be played in the grand final.

    To signup you need to use the following format:
    Team name:
    Player 1 (captain):
    Player 2:
    Player 3:
    Also you can sign for yourself as a free agent meanwhile you find a team to sign with, you can do this via Discord by clicking this link OR you can post here on this thread with your signup details as above or stating yourself as a free agent
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