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    3 grabs in 16 minutes on W00tabulous.

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    Not being biased or anything, from the SS - translating what may have happened in that game here. Considering red have approximately 600 frags to blue team's 400-500. I think uenz was trying to balance the scales in terms of frag power?

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    Uenz told me on discord to post his reply :

    Since my whole team went sides to attack I didn't and attacked through mid.
    What you can't see on that screenshot are my 180 deaths or smth. The most deaths of everyone in the game by far.
    Since we got outfragged pretty heavily I naturally had a pretty hard time staying alive for more than 3 seconds let alone grab.
    And one more funny thing: everytime I got to their flag abc dropped down from high and snatched it, cause he - of course - went sides...

    Guess you should try to stop judging someone by stats purely abc.

    Our base was constantly full of enemies standing behind our spawns. Just btw... smile

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