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Thread: Join uK

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    Join uK

    If you think you have what it takes to be a |uK| member use this form, fill it out and post it:

    Name: SnakE


    Email/MSN:[email protected]

    Location (What country you are from & are living in):Uruguay

    What do you think of |uK|:I think it's a good clan, also the members of the clan help the users a lot. I've been looking at the forum and it's going very well and I would like to be part of it. I speak a bit of English but that's better, I take English classes

    What can you bring to this clan: I can provide moderation of the server .. and what is necessary to help the community

    How many years have you been playing UT: 11 Years

    Preferred gametype (Siege, LGI, NGI, Binslayer, BT): Siege

    Have you been or are you in any other clans: I was in a clan called MHA that was Monster Hunt Atomic

    What is your UT history:my story ... I've been playing UT a lot and I know absolutely everything .. I'm also very good at siege since I've been on the server for 4 years

    Have you got or can use Teamspeak 3: Yes, I have TeamSpeak3 and I have Microfono

    Other Comments:I hope to be part of uK, as I said before it is a great community and it would be great to be accepted

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    Good luck

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    Denied, you cant behave yourself on the servers.

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