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    h (Report from BLS site)

    SAM this is a report from MHAD of the BLS site:

    Quote Originally Posted by MHAD

    It's h. He made it so completely obvious. He kept standing on his side of the map practically sniping us reds with his combogib. He went up to "Holy Shit" in seconds.
    Here's where he wrote it on BLS site:

    Just making sure you see it. =p

    ~ God Bless ~

    ~ Moko

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    ive checked this person up and hes someone that i banned for suspected cheating and he stayed banned until he cried to sam and got unbanned

    theres been other complaints of him cheating its time he got rebanned

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    Who is he? Is there a log on him?

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    K Blaze I told the guy who reported what you said.

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    303 kills in 17 min :O:O wow thats almost 18 a min :| thats constant holy shit for the whole game pretty much......... 1 kill every 3-4 seconds.....

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    his name h for holyshit
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    or h for h4x.

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