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    Thank you Dear Friends

    Good Day Everyone.

    As some know and some think it's rumors but I would like to say I am now entering in my final stages of life. Some of you think I'm joking some of you thinking I'm seeking attention but I can't change how you'll think now can I?

    I will now now disclose what's wrong with me and all rumors spread online and End of with a special thanks.

    Okay so let's begin, I am suffering from stage 3 Lung Cancer with a very poor prognosis despite all the treatment I am receiving my condition just worsens. That's correct I have stage 3 cancer. I revealed this to 2 very close friends Skarn and Skaarj. They was some discrepancy and from there they personal went and told everyone online that knew me that I am faking my condition and want attention. From there on the community lost respect for me and nearly everyone expect one person, never ever take side and always listened to what I said and that person is non other then Blaze. When the discrepancy was found I was in the group with my close friends Jigsaw, Skaarj and Skarn. Skaarj invited me to a music channel where some sadistic song about lying was played and from there Skaarj and Jigsaw verbally harassed me, Jigsaw went to an extend to say "I hope you lose everybody in your life". I immediately left the group. While playing in the servers Skaarj would join and keep on teasing and provoking me saying we will pray for you and various other insults about my condition. It got to such an extend that it was affecting my mental health and my recovery process that I quit the UT scene. Hence my reason for quitting the UT scene.

    With that said, All I got to say about that is, if prove really be needed to show that I am suffering from cancer by all means I will give it to admins then I would like to see the people's reactions that have mocked me and my condition and see what a Sin you'll have committed. No one besides me knows the pain, suffering mental turmoil, nervousness and anxiety I have to endure when going through this, but I keep fighting despite the fact that I know my body will eventually give in and I will leave this world forever.

    I have been discharged 2 week's back and I will have to go for more chemo session shortly, the only request I have for everyone reading this is to take 1 minute of your time and please say a Prayer for me. Prayer is one thing that WILL change the world and I guarantee you that. No matter how reach you are we all come in this world empty handed and we all exit the world empty handed. So, Prayer is the true miracle to removing all obstacles.

    Sorry for all the negatives but I just wanted to give my side of the story as only one side was heard and believed. I can't force you'll to believe or not believe me but that is my scenario of life at this moment.

    Now I would like to personally thank the following group of people as you'll have always done a lot for me and helped me when I played and in general been kind to me:

    Blaze - Without a doubt the person I respect the most, he always helped me out and always listen to me whenever I had troubles, He may come across to a lot of people as a very rude person but for me Blaze its the kindest person if you get to personally know him. I thank you for all you have done for me. You are an inspiration to me.

    Fleecey - Although we had a bad relationship towards the ending, I would really like to thank you for all that you did for me, advise given and for helping me out when I was new on siege, my sincere apologies if I said anything that hurt you personally please excuse me as I was not in the right frame of mind. Thank you for all you help. Continue your kind ways always.

    Moskva - Also some who never ever disrespected what I said and always listened to me. You are a great person. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your prestigious TDN team it really changed my level of game play online and made me a better more alert player, also thanks a lot for all the training and been a good friend. Thank you.

    Banny - Ha! Well this relationship was always up and down but in the end I really thank Banny for all the respect and encouragement he showed to me despite my outrages with him from time to time. Banny really respected my skill in PUGS and he motivated me to do better. Thank you Banny and I apologies for the drifts caused. Remain the great defender you are. (You better not be in a stacked team next time I enter the server or you done for :P).

    Berserk - Berserk, they are also no words to thank you. This is one guy who believed in me the most in PUGS and Public. Berserk you also a unique player and in time you might give the Legend a run for his money (Hint: not telling who it is you know who you are ). Thank you for your belief in me and continue to be the outstanding siege and 1v1 player you are.

    The rest of the TDN team ( Dangerboy, Sliverwing, Jadey, Krikor, Glooz, Shiro) - I thank you all for accommodating me to be a part of the family. It was a fun time playing with you guys and maybe one day if I'm still around we all could get to get for a good game again. Keep up the good work as a team, you guys are awesome! Love to all.

    Skarn - My first siege friend and still a friend even if you don't consider me to be. This is one person who really really helped me out in all aspects of my online experience been it from fixing files to uploading documents you've always helped me and I am Thankful for that. With the drama towards the end I know you are close with Skaarj but I respect you for not picking on me when they did, this shows that you are on better. Always remain the helpful and caring person you are.

    UTA-Sniper-SJA - For always helping me with my technical issues and helping me getting them resolve.

    Camilo - For always been a kind friend and always helping me when I needed help. I sincerely thank you for your Prayers from the bottom of my heart.

    SAM - For always helping out with my technical issues. Within few minutes from sending a message he would reply. Many thanks.

    Teddy - Been a kind friend always but separated when he was influenced. I wish you all the best in the police force. Hope one day you'll be the top cop of Finland. My favourite F1 Driver is from Finland Kimi Raikkonen .

    Gogen - Always been a true friend until the end and always making time to 1v1 me .

    Okay I'm tired of typing now lol to everyone on this list and forgive me for who I forget lol memory not that great I thank and salute you all for your kindness towards me:

    Seabass (Very polite, friendly and helpful but influenced in the end, also sorry for troubling you the last time I was on Discord)
    Scream (Stop crouching you pussy xD)
    KJ ( Hell Nah!)
    Cella (Too many to mention, my favorite player in PUGS )
    Higor (Clarionrambo)
    Busta (Yo!)
    Steve (Kumar take my nuke)
    Dante (Up me fast)
    DMC (when we played same teams we won about 98% of our matches)
    Escobar (Failed nuke !quit)
    Spiderman (Keep calm suck my minigun. one question which one?? hahahaha joking bhai)
    Thunderbolt (I gained over a million ru from your mines Ha)
    1Shot1kill (when he enter on opposite team it was like the atm came to the server xD)
    Partizan (Crouch master)
    Lordrixuel( Although you always annoyed me with your taunts!.)
    Dr. Hannibal (Off the aimbot cheater! :P)
    Heineken ( Hahahahahahahahahaha)
    Kluber (I forgot that taunt you always said ;?)
    AnA (I'm going to report you now idiot xD ----> proceeds to forum reports he ends up banned hahaha xD)
    None (Ha ha ha! and 6rocket suicide master)
    Mr. Kushii (was a pleasure playing with you then you disappeared hope you are well)
    Rapidfire (this played always upped me every single time and gave me good guns, thank you!)
    Kate Bush ( F snip lamer, playing 1v1 I kill all the time with rocket or mini moment I draw sniper and HS him, F SNIP LAMER!!! !S xDD)
    Humak (Good Competitive player)
    Colla (enters !vote Colla has voted for unrealpark others !vote abc has placed a kick vote against colla)

    For all those I've forgotten please forgive me and my well wishes with you. I will be on for a few days once chemo commences be gone again. Lets play some ggs.
    This will be my last forum post and I leave you all with this quote:

    Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. ~Norman Cousins

    Farewell my dear friends, May God bless you all.

    Loving Regards Always


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    Good day Tumar.

    I hope to never see your face around ever again in this community.

    Kindest of kind regards,
    God bless,
    Hallelujah Lord Jesus,

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    Hello everyone, namaste mah bhais, selamlar, привет.
    First of all, i want to say, that you are the biggest lyer i ever seen in my life, you disrespecting all the people who have cancer in this world by your stupid lies.

    You are well knows for faking, why didnt you told about when you had "brain tumor" while u were wearing nick name DW Rascal (or somehting like this) and played in sniper community?? Why, come on tell the truth once in your life.
    Me, and not only me, i think everyone would stop trolling you if you would simply agree that you lied and just say sorry. But no, instead you just want to lie more and more. I rather have million enemies than a friend like you, seriosuly.

    You really want us to believe, that person who: have 3stage cancer, going thru chemo courses, eat liquid food, waked up from coma like 5 days ago etc etc have power to play 4-5 pugs in row with same power???? Do you think ur that clever or we are so dumb uh? Bitch i play like fucking potato even if i just have a lil headache xD

    Quote Originally Posted by Kumar_Jodha View Post
    Skaarj invited me to a music channel where some sadistic song about lying
    Roflmao, if you guys want to know which song was that, it was that meme song "Why the fuck you lying, why you always lying, oh my god stop fuckign lyiiiiiing"
    Idk which part of it is sadistic xD

    Btw just so you know. Me was probably the only one who thought for that long thats you are sickness is really sick in head Kumar, i thought you are a good guy, but it turns out you are just attention seeking whore.

    Oh alsoooo, what you gonna say, about that fake ass picture of you in ICU, which "ur sister" sent to me I googled that pic, and it comes out if you google "ICU patient".
    You are very clever m8, you even changed name of that photo, so it will look like it is taken by phone (with date time etc)

    Why you dont you want to stop all this lies man?

    Not so long ago "your sister" again sent msg on w/a about they gonna turn off machines etc and ur dead, and now ur alive again? Also you have stage 3 for more than a year now, had few operations etc. you're fucking lying, luckily the one who you lied to know some doctors and they agreed too that it is pure BS. I really hope that this person will reply here, but well, anyway everyone knows how fake ass bitch you are....

    Fuckign come on, what are you a fucking terminator or what? Just get lost you lyingonion.

    P.s. wow no good word about me? You piece of onion, who helped you with all ut tech stuff u bitch, FU for that one, now gtfo ty.

    Kind regards

    "when Kumar dies for 3rd time"

    Last edited by skaarj_dulog; 04-18-2018 at 11:39 AM.


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    I never really blamed you, but YOU are the cancer here, Kumar.

    For those who don't know, he is lying about having cancer.(btw you said you have a liver cancer a few months ago.)

    Shitty regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumar_Jodha View Post
    SAM - For always helping out with my technical issues. Within few minutes from sending a message he would reply. Many thanks.
    That's a lie, please don't die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumar_Jodha View Post
    Prayer is the true miracle to removing all obstacles

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    Dafuq did i Just read?

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    Wtf is this?
    A community drama queen?

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    in your heart ❤
    fuck you
    Never Lucky.

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