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    Zero grabs, caps, or assists on CTF-w00t. Not even the slightest attempt at CTF. Stayed on our side the entire match.

    Small clip available:

    1:28 doesn't even capture the flag.

    He quit less than a second before the game ended, so no screenshot is available.

    Here's the stats page of the match:

    Maybe some sort of warning would be justified? Or am I wrong about these rules, as some people seem to be claiming there are no longer any rules on the public? In that case, I would radically change my play style as I've been trying to play according to what I thought were the rules there.

    royal - Today at 2:14 PM
    no rules for me on public
    if i want to play with rules i gonna play pug

    royal - Today at 2:22 PM
    abc i can tell them exactly what i was doing

    royal - Today at 2:22 PM
    it was woot and was playing on our site the whole 20 minuts

    royal - Today at 2:36 PM
    just report me
    and they will laugh at you for being a crybaby

    Thanks for any clarification on this matter.


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    a tip is to come to uk discord and post it, more active admins there! I will forward your message since I cant check the demos at the moment!

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    yeah there is always someone on discord willing to come online and see what's going on.
    we have a report section there just have to type @admins and explain what's going on.

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