Something that gets complained about a lot in many forums are MonsterHunt games online where some of the players don't appear to be interested in killing all the monsters. For whatever reason, they seem to be in a rush to get to the exit and killing only the fewest number of monsters possible to do this.

Why do they do this?
Could be they don't like the map they're on and want to get to the next one
Could be they're deliberately trying to piss other players off
Could be they're invaders from Planet X

One of those isn't so likely...

While not the initial reason I got into editing maps, sometimes I do keep this in mind while working a project. Trying to make aspects of a map tricky for anyone trying to rush to the end. At least give the other players more time to try and kill everything else.

There's a popular map called MH-LostInTimeV2 where you fight through a Skaarj base, go through a portal, and wind up in a land filled with dinosaurs. To access the exit you gotta kill some dinos, activate some stones, and gain access to an ancient temple where there's another portal inside that is the exit...

...I swapped out some of the dinos on the map with truly hard to beat monsters, so even if someone did rush through the map, they'd really be in a fight once they got to the end.

Went skimming through the edits I've got setup for downloads, to see if I had any handy for combating these map-rushers, and here's what I've got:

Does anyone else know of maps that would slow down map-rushers?