Hey uK

I've been working on recreating a mod from Gmod called Prop Hunt for UT99 mainly to learn the modding and server-management side of things.
Here's the summary of how prop hunt works if you do not know it:

Two teams, hunters versus hiders. Hunters need to pursue hider players disguised as props, though every miss with the hunter weapon is a health penalty, so make sure you shoot wisely! As hunters there is only one way to win the round - find and kill all the hiders before the round time is over.

Hiders have a couple ways to win a round
for their team, first is having at least one hider alive when the round is over and second is having the hunters all die by them missing their shots and being trigger happy.

Though, hiders have a disadvantage: when running, their health slowly reduces. Hiders must use their surroundings to blend into the environment and
avoid the hunters to stay alive!

At the end of every round, teams switch sides to take turns being hiders and hunters until a team reaches the score!

Stay hidden or die trying!

If you want to see pictures, earlier versions, and/ or the latest version, check out the moddb I have for the game.
As some of you have heard me say Discord or on other forums, I started a public test server for everyone to quickly preview and try out the mod.
Please if you have time, check it out and let me know if you have criticism, reviews, suggestions, or any questions.
(no redirect, though very small download size)