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    Prop Hunt for UT99

    Hey uK

    I've been working on recreating a mod from Gmod called Prop Hunt for UT99 mainly to learn the modding and server-management side of things.
    Here's the summary of how prop hunt works if you do not know it:

    Two teams, hunters versus hiders. Hunters need to pursue hider players disguised as props, though every miss with the hunter weapon is a health penalty, so make sure you shoot wisely! As hunters there is only one way to win the round - find and kill all the hiders before the round time is over.

    Hiders have a couple ways to win a round
    for their team, first is having at least one hider alive when the round is over and second is having the hunters all die by them missing their shots and being trigger happy.

    Though, hiders have a disadvantage: when running, their health slowly reduces. Hiders must use their surroundings to blend into the environment and
    avoid the hunters to stay alive!

    At the end of every round, teams switch sides to take turns being hiders and hunters until a team reaches the score!

    Stay hidden or die trying!

    If you want to see pictures, earlier versions, and/ or the latest version, check out the moddb I have for the game.
    As some of you have heard me say Discord or on other forums, I started a public test server for everyone to quickly preview and try out the mod.
    Please if you have time, check it out and let me know if you have criticism, reviews, suggestions, or any questions.
    (no redirect, though very small download size)

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    What a creative and interesting idea! I like the sound of that! Hide and seek in UT maps disgused as props? Hahahaha that's genius.

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    Released another version with some small tweaks to scoreboard and game, redirect files included along with an INI file. for server compatibility.

    I've picked up a couple new projects, one being a big hobby project another being an internship project so I will not update PropHunt for UT99 for a while, not unless I get contact about any bugs, glitches, and other needed fixes. I have this server of mine up and running with latest version, through still no redirect is there any public FTP i can use for UT? thank you all again for any help, ideas, and feedback; was a great project to work on and I learned a ton.

    July 3, 2018
    version beta 1.25

    Configurable Variables in the .INI
    HunterHealth - How much health hunters start with, keep in mind that for each kill a hunter gets, they gain a third this amount for every kill.
    HiderHealth - How much health the hiders have to start, recommend keeping this around default.
    RoundTime - Length in minutes for each round ( not including Hide Time ).
    RoundsToWin - The team goal to get to for their team to win the game.

    To Install:
    Extract the files in the System folder in this .zip to your ...UnrealTournament/System folder.
    Extract the files in the Maps folder in this .zip to your ...UnrealTournament/Maps folder.
    Extract the files in the Music folder in this .zip to your ...UnrealTournament/Music folder.

    __ NOTES __
    - Made scoreboard to show the variable amounts for healths, roundtime, hidetime, etc
    - Moved HUD round-timer to the right of the screen, included round number
    - Created a function to restart players at the end of each round instead of restarting the whole map.
    - Hunters are now spectating during HideTime. They cannot see the hiders or their props during this time. When HideTime is over, they respawn.
    - Added message at beginning of every round telling player whether they are a Hider or a Hunter.
    - Revamped the death notifications ( ..found by.. and ... was too trigger happy ) to appear in red and underneath ' you killed ' messages.
    - Bots now spawn in on multiplayer
    - Corrected proxy and replication info for actors
    - Revamped the RestartPlayer / respawn player function to ensure a good/ unglitchy spawn.

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    dem @'Zac working hard

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