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    Dude that camps the flag with 3-0 or 4-0 on Control fine. Not everyone is born with a decent brain.

    But after telling Code to stop his backshots and chases, he can't pass without backshooting and taunting, just some nasty behaviour of a little kid trying to piss off.

    So I hope you guys can have a chat on banning him untill he comes here with his story. If he really wants to play, and has a good story he will.. So he can let you know how okay his behaviour is, and what his attitude is on your server.

    I'm not staying around with lots of retards and their friends, while i'm one of the few that opens his mouths, and become some retard collective target of their harmed ego's for telling them they are acting like such.
    I like the game and some people around, but not for the price of the mentioned above.


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    Thanks for reporting. @|uK|fleecey had also warned him yesterday for backshooting. I think it's time this guy gets a vacation

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