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    IST Season II Rankings by zac

    Hey yall blaze told me to do this but this season is filled with some juicy teams lemme tell ya.

    Fleece's bitches

    Defense: fleece / banny
    offence: Dangerboy, ch34t, Hoomak
    bench: creek, n1cc


    The swedish queen Fleece the First has a fine selection of bitches. This team right here looks absolutely solid. Fleece and banny create a solid D combining fragging power, mines, and communication. Their bench is their Achilles heel if something were to go wrong. Creek and n1cc can be good fraggers but they're starting line up is solid as is. I think the best maps for this team would be open maps like clarion, minicivil, blackriver, etc along with even closed maps like relentless and orbital. Fleece, you done chose well.

    zac's whack Rating: 9.69/10 fleece's pieces



    defense: blaze / meteor
    offense: spiderman / chis / raizen-adriano
    bench: zeta, termi

    [email protected]

    Spiderman my man put together a great team. They have some serious fragging power and position interchangeability combing blaze meteor, chis, and adriano.
    The great thing about this team is they're bench player Zeta which is a swell american defender and i think he's jamaican, though termi is MIA unfortunately. Also, the positions are very interchangeable in my opinion. Blaze and meteor can play offense and push up mid extremely well, drilling every player they see. This team's best maps I think would be any open map, the fragging and attacking power is great in this one.

    zac's whack rating: 8.7 / 10 blazed donuts



    defense: Moskva / TohsakaRin
    offense: oOShaDowinOo / lotrfan69 / M1ke
    bench: antony jako


    Summary: Now if there was a team i'd hate to play against it be these spanish folk with a german team name ( means they're legit ). Moskva has constructed a semi solid starting lineup with mostly spanish players. Moskva has gone games with very few deaths, creating high body killing sprees and Krikor is another fantastic fragger. The offensive line is not bad. oOShaDowinOo is a beast and lotrfan has experience, both great nukers and swell fraggers. I think this team's best maps would be bathrooms, relentless, orbital, and bluevember.

    zac's whack rating: 8 / 10 el dorito

    Mexican Abusement Park

    defense: A^3 / SCREAM
    offense: cella / haxor-dem / None
    bench: ya boy / xyaro


    summary: Another pretty balanced team to the league. Dem put together a diverse team. Fragging, nuking, and attacking power. A3, SCREAM, and Xyaro are great fraggers along with Cella, DEM, and None. The team play between these players may put out some great plays, heavy nuking capabilities here. Maps like butchered, orbital, kanjar, and some open maps like clarion and simplex would help this team stand out.

    zac's whack rating: 8 / 10 sponsered by donald trump



    defense: jigsaw / matt
    offense: teddy / loko / ?silverwing?
    bench: stample reaven


    summary: first question, where is silverwing when the KFC is calling his name? Taddy's team is legit right here. Defense could be switched up from what I have but jigsaw and matt are great fraggers, especially matt. If silverwing does not show this team would be go from good to decent, I do not know stample or reaven but if they are underdogs this team could come up, teddy knows best. Loko and teddy are already a great offensive, fragging and nuking power. teddy makes a great ingame leader, so even if the time comes to put in the underdogs great things may happen

    zac's whack rating: 7.9 / 10 silvering lost his appetite


    Tilted as Fuck
    defense: Skarn / shiro
    offense: berserk / snakewarz / skaarj
    bench: allan / janosik


    summary: I have mixed feelings about this team. First, defense is good. Though against the starting line ups of these other team in this league it could get shakey. Skarn is an incredible mine maker and base builder. Shiro is an incredible fragger. I hope they team up well and help each other where they need it best. Offense is well. Berserk can do hella work and, like all teams, if the teamwork is there with snake and skaarj magical plays will happen. Berserk is the player that stands out on this team to me, if he practices and tells this team to what to do correctly this team will be capable of being a hefty underdog. Best maps for this map I think would be bluevember, ronsisco, simplex, kanjar, and firepot. This team could have outstanding defense.

    zac's whack rating: 7.69 / 10


    Overall, each team has it's pros and each has very little downsides. Each team is pretty balanced and it all comes down to teamwork guys, teamwork. We're going to see decent players turn into great players and great players turn into pros. We're going to see close calls, D - nukes, god like sprees, players with nearly 100 kills, and players failing with nukes on mines left and right. I'm ready for this season and i hope yall are.

    Let's have some fun this season and make sure to make I-nukes


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    Update week 1:

    Tilted As Fuck - 0 vs Kumar Faked Cancer - 2
    map 1 kanjar: KFC 27 - 0
    The first game of the season! KFC had a rough start losing jigsaw at the beginning for a good minute. As TAF took advantage of their power play 5 v 4, they kept the pressure up. However! Silverwing saw the light in the clouds calling his signal. KFC needed him and he performed great, thinking he'd be rusty or MIA for the season. Loko did great damage on TAF early in the game and managed to get an early nuke going to get the action started. TAF started off nuking first however Berserk had a titled start, a huge moral blow to the team. As the time ticked down, nukes were going back and forth and KFC managed to outnuke TAF, TAF lost a couple nukes, two from berserk and 1 from matt throughout. Close game, blue however had great mid control.
    map 2 equinox: KFC 100 - 0
    Equinox is a tough map, it can be a landslide against a team that does not have great fragging power. The beginning was rough for TAF, 10 minutes in and they're core was down over 20 points. KFC out fragged TAF, hats off to Matt for shining. This map is pretty boring to watch but KFC took advantage of their great fraggers, kept mid control, and was able to keep TAF tilted in check and win a heoroic battle 100 - 0. The generalization of this map is just fragging power, have it KFC did not have Matt this game could have went a lot different....

    Sum: I think TAF needs better offensive. They can make up for their lower fragging power for giving great damage, though I think TAF are still underdogs.

    Over Powered - 1 vs Fleece's Bitches - 1
    map 1 Clarion: OP 87 - FB 18
    This was a match right here! Banny had the unfortunate luck of timing out near the beginning of the match, the temporary loss of a grade A defense player is rough, especially at the beginning. As banny came back in to kick ass, the game was at a nuking stale mate, like all clarion matches after Super Containers are made. We saw great plays by both teams! FB managed to create a couple great teles to keep pressure with great damage. However....the silent Adriano ain't rusty at all! Adriano nuked great and provided great teles for his team along with the fragging power coming out with 83 kills and over 800 points, that's a lot of points. I had my money on Fleece's bitches this match, Dangerboy was also performing incredibly well. However, OP took teamwork to antoher level and nuked and nuked and nuked managing to kill FB's super container 3 times! This was rough battle, very decisive throughout and was a great game to watch.
    map 2 braveheart: FB 42 - OP 2
    I didn't watch this match but I know for sure this a map Dangerboy can rek on. This map is less about fragging power unlike clarion. Braveheart allows sneaky plays and leech heavy due to the base layout. Teamwork on this map has to be on point, there's a lot of room for great plays on this map with the tall-openness of the map, the tele spots, nuke room, and the somewhat intricate base layout that enemies can also use their advantage.

    sum: These teams are neck to neck, both performed incredibly well. I think adriano really stood out this map and like most of us in the community, didn't expect the man to emerge from the shadows and play like he did without a mic.

    Wandenreich - 1 vs Mexican Abusement Park - 1
    map 1 equinox: WR - 92 vs MAP - 81
    This was a close map, though Moskva's intimidating team outfragged the Trump Train. Krikor had an incredible 129 frags and blackshoot with 100! Cella on MAP kept his team's fragging power up to par, placing second with 108 frags. Mid was actually evenly controlled as I watched, which is unexpected just by looking at the frags. Once the nukes started coming in, Wandenreich kept nailed MAP, though they had a few nukes that didn't hit core, which aint bad. MAP took a huge blow upon a nuking strat where they lost two nukes on mines. With fragging being a crucial part of this map; it's difficult to get enough RU as leeching can be difficult as buildings are out of sight from a distance and there's always players leaving or defending. I think MAP could have had better defense
    map 2 orbital: MAP - 86 vs WR - 70
    Another close map!!! Orbital is less about fragging power, which gave MAP an advantage. Early Prenukes game was pretty even, though WR doing slightly better than MAP. WR had a couple great teles that put incredible pressure under MAP, immense core damage. Both teams had great nuking strats, all nuked together as a team. WR missed core a few times, which is crucial near end game. To add on, MAP denied a couple of WR which created a very decisive game indeed. This game was so close it could've been any body's game.

    sum: I think these two teams are pretty even, each has a pro that balances out a con. However, I would've liked to see more aggressiveness by MAP. for Moskva's team like during orbital on a less frag heavy map have more defense. Mines were short at some parts of the game and the base would lose a couple buildings that wouldn't be rebuilt quickly after being destroyed like after a nuke.

    quote of the week: "easynox" - loko
    see yall next week
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