Before you read any of this remember this is me and i may not use the nicest words, and it is my opinion..which could be completely wrong

Tilted as Fuck.
I will start this analysis with my team, so yeah.
Well we got smashed boys, not gonna lie, there was a series of big mistakes made by all of us which contributed to the loss.
First of all what everyone knew was going to happen..happened, we got tilted, we were 10 minutes in Kanjar and i was already going toxic
on Skarn for going toxic onto LC not working for his rockets, and the tiltness just spreaded into the whole team, we couldnt synchronize
neither on offense or defense. Finally i look forward to next matches and i know we will get through this and come out as the Cinderella
team on the tournament, i can see us fixing our shit and winning every next match, luv u guys.

Kumar Faked Cancer.
Teddy you piece of lucky shit, congratulations.
Your strategy worked like a charm, picking frag heavy players in order to fill your lack of fragging placed you ahead in both maps, we were
losing in every aspect of the game since you were putting the brain and the other guys the aim (and jigshit the rage lul). But dont get
so y, we didnt choose the best map to exploit what your team lacks, a solid defense, gotta train my boy reaven to make him a 1000$
world class defense, he has the potential..and now that i think about it, thats all your team has, the actual potential to come as the
underdog and take the ring, good luck next week bro

Overpowered (pizza time)
I have so much mixed feelings on this team, on some point its the team i fear the most since they have 3 of the most solid players
in the history of siege, playing against Adrian, Chis and Blaze is something that has never happened in a pug, and you can think why,
they have been solid firstpicks for the past 5 years, they all 3 can solo carry a game if they are in a good day, another reason i fear
this team the most is because they dont have that really bad player, as dclare and spiderman have proved to be nearly good picks these
days, dclare can play either offense or defense in a good supportive role, and for last they have Kenneth (Meteor) who in my opinion
is the most inconsistent player in the whole league, he can play at a really good level getting top on the stats, or he can drop to
complete pile of shit and do absolutely nothing. The reason that i dont give this team the ring already is because i dont see their
defense as adaptive as you need them to be in this tournament (you can tell from what happened in bravehearth), every team has that
really good offense player that can win the game with one outplay and i dont really see them ready for that kind of scenario.
Nonetheless i hope Spider really puts all of his potential to take the glory.

Fleece's bitches
You guys got unlucky as fuck in clarion, yeah there were some mistakes that shouldn't have happened (like that SC without tele in core
lul) but still, i see a really balanced team in both offense and defense. Banny and Fleece have shown us they have a good teamplay
on defense, they seem to have the roles defined on who does what and i bet they are ready to hold back their team in the bad times.
This team offense doesn't look scary on the names as most people would think it would be Dangerboy solo O but beware, danger may
be leading the attack but he has the two very good guys attacking along with him, ch34t and HumaK have shown us lately in pugs
that they can put a lot of damage on the enemy core, they are both really good CTF players so im not surprised they are getting good
at siege too. My only warning is towards your map picking it could go either way in the next matches, so choose carefully.

Mexican Abusement Park
Although i didnt get to watch the whole games, but damn boy this team has a strong offense duo with Cella and Dem, the bad thing of
this duo is that one of them may have a bad day and well, fuck up. I'm also worried about this team comms, i dont see much chemistry
between the players, but.. what do i know?, right? , in my opinion this team should redefine their strategy and put SCREAM has an
attacker, i think putting him on d is wasting his potential, we have seen him numerous times nuking enemy core while playing d and then
going back to rep as a fucking badass. Dem you took a high risk high reward choice when you picked A^3 since we all know his not
that available as any other captain would like, i hope he can play every match and own every guy that tries to get greedy and nuke
in an unsafe way, pendejo.

Man i love this team and i would love to see them taking the ring, it would be the perfect script, i mean dont get me wrong im all in
with TAF but damn son, Moskva you have pulled the latino dream team, the latino heat, el combo. I see this team strong in all fronts
in my opinion Moskva is the best captain not only for his experience and skill but also because he has proven himself as a great leader
and a person who makes playing with him an enjoyable experience in victory and in defeat. Another advantage this team has is that they
enjoy to play together, and i just cant see a big flaw in their team, they have fragpower, adaptability, experience and most important
they have fucking Shadowin. Mistakes were made in Orbital, you gotta be more agressive, get that core damage, make a tele, you guys need
to be more proactive in offense. Un abrazo perros ql wn j1j1.