hey tdn, r, bm, nos, kea, uk guys,mostly hey everyone except SAM(fuck you). Greetings, i hope you had fun with the matches as much as
i had fun watching them, here it is my team analysis for week 2.

Have this in mind before reading, players rating are based on their expected performance and the actual performance.

Winreich or wenreik or windows 10, whatever faggots lul.


Damn son, my latino boys made a statement right here, they completely demolished OP, even tho they played 5v4 for some time and they got
outfragged, they just outsieged the enemy team, Krikor was keeping up in frags and the rest of the team was hitting everyone nuke too
they had a flawless game, outstanding and really enjoyable to watch from their POV, it is almost unreal the fact of how fast a game can
end, you have your core at 50, then the enemy team nukes both entrances and a guy from Venezuela just comes in and blows your core all
the way down to 0, its gg and there is really no one to blame but the good sync on offense from the enemy team. There were some strong
play from defense too, M1K3 was on point with the mines and Moskva built a really good base, good job.

Player Ratings for Equinox:
Krikor 10/10 (MVP)
Moskva 7/10 - nice drops xd
M1k3 9/10
Jako 9/10
Shadowin 9/10
Lotrfan/TOMTHEBOMB 15/10 on point with the clutch sub and the 0 frags.


Yo guys what the fuck happened here, you guys started off pretty strong taking the high spot and Moskva being really solid on D, but
after OverPowered got the high spot it seemed like some of you guys just gave up on the map or just didnt know how to get the swing back
which i would have expected since you guys voted it, i get it, in paper it did look good for me too, it was a good mappick to deny
OverPowered the so feared fragpower and exploit their lack of teamplay. You had chances to come back at it, Krikor didnt give up with
the highspot but it seemed like Jako and Shadowin didnt know how to get up there, also Jako you did kill their tele, unintentionally,
but you did good job (y), for last i think defense did a decent job holding back OverPowered offense, good luck next time

Player Ratings for Relentless:
Krikor 9/10
Moskva 7/10
M1k3 7/10
Jako 7/10
Shadowin 6/10




Well, shit happened here, and there is plenty of things to pay attention at.. guys you need to nuke together and you need to plan it well
trying just to nuke by yourself or trying to nuke without enemy mine knowledge doesnt work on IST, i've talked about this, OP has the
most individual player potential but that doesnt mean you dont need teamplay. OP had the RU advantage for most of the map due to their
fragpower but it just didnt matter as chis had a rough map failling all his nukes along with blaze and kenneth, then Adrian tried but he
couldnt do much damage, it was just catastrophyc. On the other side there is not much that OP's defense could have done to prevent
the fall, better luck next time.

Player Ratings for Equinox:
Spiderman - 6/10
Blaze - 6/10
Kenneth - 6/10
Chitseller - 5/10
Adrian - 7/10


Finally see some teamplay around, you guys showed great support when you needed to, that was for the tele on high spot, the moment you
realize your tele is dying and then the whole team goes up with blue gun and jetpack, damn bro you're making a fucking statement there.
But still, you guys took long time to end that game..just recap at kenneth and chis dying on the most obvious mines ever made, luckily
for them adrian was there to back them up with the biggest chupa on the recent times. Also there was a nice call by Spiderman with the
self-bench, realizing that Dclare was better for this map, good job bro.

Player Ratings for Relentless:
Dicclare - 8/10
Blaze - 6/10
Kenneth - 8/10
Chitseller - 8/10
Adrian - 8/10


Kumar Faked Cancer


Most people may be thinking, alright this was Dem mappick the guy loves this map, but hell no, nobody could believe teddy would be that
stupid to pick minicivil against Dem, but once again he surprises us, he did pick it.

Lets point some things here, i know what you were aiming at teddy, Minicivil was actually a very good pick, you had the team for it
since you had 4 viable nukers on, the fragpower and ofc reavEn the RU machine, and you playing D was really good since you had
the chance to safely frag in close quarters were you are stronger. But things didnt quite went as expected, LokO wasn't on point he was
constantly ach1zing the whole map, unsuccesfully nuking, you got killed while trying to nuke and ofc Dem managed to kill your nukes, it
just didnt work for whatever reasons but i like the try, there could have been better choices but i respect this one, good luck next time

Players ratings for Minicivil:
-Teddy 8/10
-Reaven 7/10
-LokO 4/10
-Matt 6/10
-Jigsaw 6/10


This was a very different relentless that we saw earlier on OP vs WR, this was actually the only relentless game i have seen last the 50
mins, this was all thanks to PigSaW, this guy was on point with the frags and the nuke kills on defense, he reached the Wicked Sicc
mark early on game and then in the lategame he gave his team life denying 4 nukes and in an awesome way, Matt was also having a good
game, he never stopped the pressure on offense and kept the cores around the same % making it always a close game. So with this brilliant
performances one should ask how did they lose this map too, well there were plenty of things that were off. First of all even tho reaven
played good this map was more for SilverWing since he could have helped Matt with the so needed pressure on offense,he was basically
playing solo offense as LokO was choking hard and seemed lost the whole map on the otherside teddy was helping jigsaw at D on builds and frags.
All advice i can give is try to give some trust on LokO to play d, since the maps that someone can play solo D are not much.

Players ratings for Relentless:
-Teddy 7/10
-Reaven 6/10
-LokO 4/10
-Matt 8/10 (Wrong side at the end bro wtf)
-Jigsaw 9/10


Mexican Abusement Park


Don't give this map to Dem, he loves it, easy as that. m4p went into week 2 without his big pillar on defense A^3, but luckily for them
he wasnt needed, Scream and None played pretty solid on D and they built a decent base to prevent core damage to be taken by lazy
nuking, on the other hand Xyaro showed up and didnt let his homie down. Dem and Cella leaded m4p offense, they capitalized on every nuke
they had and kept the pressure all game, at the end it came down to the team who failed less nukes and it was m4p, also add that Dem
somehow always finds the way to kill the nukes inside core. Very important win for m4p.

Players ratings for Minicivil:
-Cella 7/10
-Scream 8/10
-None 8/10
-Xyaro 8/10
-Dem 10/10 (MVP)


This one was spooky, scary, like i said, a relentless game shouldn't last the 50 mins, and you have to be worried if it does and you are
the team holding the high mid, because in other words this means that you couldnt push enough pressure to end the enemy core. Cella
had big chokes as he failed 3 nukes, but you got to give to him since he was the one who got the tele up in the firstplace, zac was playing
good but not nuking in the best way and he failed a nuke that could have ended the game earlier, lucky for them hax0r wasnt failling
any nukes and kept the pressure up and gave the red team the win hitting the last nuke, setting up the core differential. m4p defense wasnt
put to test this map since KFC lacked pressure on offense, but they performed good.

Players ratings for Relentless:
-Dem 9/10
-Cella 6/10
-Scream 8/10
-None 8/10
-Zac 7/10

Memes courtesy of ch34t


GG - Zac -as he goes to nuke and gets denied