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Thread: Hello ppl!

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    Hello ppl!

    Just thought I'd register here since I'm playing very often on your eu instagib server.
    A little introduction about myself:
    I've been playing since the first Unreal in 1998 then UT99 on clanbase in clans such as Kz, iFS and Team Estonia. I usually go by the nick RT. In the early days of UT as RotT or r0tt and sometime later some people knew me by the nick YBD:est.

    My name is Alex, I'm from Estonia, I'm happily married and have two wonderful children. I'm a mechanical engineer by occupation.

    Looking forward to shoot you in the upcoming matches :-)

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    Hello and thanks for joining us, it's good to hear from old school players.

    With the introduction of Discord, Forum use has died down, a lot.

    The link is on the navbar. Please feel free to join us.

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