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    [TributeServer] ClassicUT99 - All in One

    Hi all!

    I thought, it's about time to devote a new topic here on UnrealKillers for the server ClassicUT99.
    We started out as Instagib, (see few Topics below this lol)
    But since are devoted to gather as much classics as we can!

    Click picture, or click here to check out the server!
    Type !V in chat to open vote-menu.


    Dedicated to the mission of gathering all most (in)famous played game types/mods, mutators and maps in one server.
    Tributing and enjoying these classics till we are not able anymore!

    When is the last time you checked out Team/Multi CTF, or even heard "Crrooottcchh Shott!" ?

    Is it gonna take ages for me, to enter the server?

    -No, You will only receive downloads for the GameType playing at that moment luckily!
    Redirect is in place. So fast in

    Credits go off course to all UT Mappers who created this beautifull content.

    Credits to all Developers who created these modifications, mutators and gametypes.
    Esp. GoPostal, his source-code is in everywhere :agree1:

    Also a big thanks goes out to: Deepu(UN/MVE/UP), Higor (XCGE), FeraliDragon (NWIII),KnoW (MHII/BT MODs), Leo T_C_K (SP Packs & UWeapons),

    Here is a ''little'' overview:
    Any feedback, or suggestions are welcome!
    Let me know about those mismatches!

    Detailed Server Info
    Youtube Streams!
    ClassicUT99 FFN Discord
    Official Topic at
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    Join our Discord here for the Friday Frag Nights

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