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    Making leech, reconnecting, changing name, and making more leech?

    It's july 1 2:00 a. m. (gmt -5) and a fagget entered to make leech along all the game!. His first name was "................", he made red leech for blue (made like 45 conts so was fucking impossible to remove them because all the fagg blue team was leeching it outside back their base). When i got the place, the idiot reconnected with other name "El_Leches", then while i was trying to remove the leech, he started to make a new one, with 25 conts aprox., when i got him, he reconnected and changed it's name to "GOTHIC" and started to make another fucking leech next to their base with 15 conts. At the beggining red was owning blue, but in the end was impossible to beat them because they had too much ru, and only one of them made like 8 invi. warheads outside with that amount of leech. PLEASE, ban that idiot, he knew that it was wrong and did it to made us lose (i suspect about someone that entered in the last minute as spec but only will confirm you it after your reply). After a 1 hour game we lost cause that noob made the leech, PLEASE! ban that idiot ([R]Mike was there and enjoyed the leech all the game -.-'). I attach 2 demos if you need something. Thanx for reading.

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    3 AM ------------> and the fucker keeps reconnecting and making leech his name now is "YELLOW" (and first was red and then yellow) demo attached. It's the fourth game this fagg ruins.

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    it is chuvaymx from [R]^ clan i expect nothing else from him since he was banned for a long while and still hasnt learned his lesson

    i cant seem to download server logs so you will have to wait for scar

    i think the ban should be more severe hes a repeat offender

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    Thanx!, was really annoying for all people that was trying to play @ morning (really early) :S

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