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    Combo iCTF - Mob - Camping/DMing

    Note: My upload speed is really bad, below 1 MB and uploading videos is bad, can possibly take a lot of minutes to upload a 30 sec review.

    Server: zp| | - = | C O M B O I N S T A G I B | = - combogib by
    Player reporting: Mob
    Date & Time: January 23, 2013: 12:36:29 AM (EST)

    I've mentioned "No Camping" in the game a few times after I notice the guy just sitting on the back edge on W00T and shooting, not actively moving much and just shooting. Apparently taking screen shot wise... I've learned in the demo that he has been camping for the last 10 min remaining in the map. So instead of the video, I would try post screen shot and notes of the activity in the game on the player. I notice not many peoples will say No Camping or DMing... either because of 1: They don't care, 2: They think it's advantage for their team, 3: They don't realize the rule... but who knows. On the other hand, I don't know if this person is a repeat offender (has he been banned before?) but I would be able to provide correct time on the incident.

    Demo: CTF-w00tabulousFixed_1-23_0-36-29.dem
    Note: If you can't play the demo, make sure you have all the required files to play it. Either that you download it via Demo Manager or go to the Combo iCTF server and click on the map... once you are in, you should have all the required files. My demo were made automatically via Demo Manager.

    Screen shots: (Note: Timer on from beginning to end)

    In early of the game... pretty much hanging out at the base and DMing just a bit.

    & Behold... hanging out over the edge on the red side dming. (As other thinks in the mind... Y U NO GRAB?)

    Had to do this... found it was pretty much annoying to find someone over the edge and not shot dead yet. (Hey Mob! <Insert UT taunt> "You be dead!")

    Eh he back up there again, and looking up there for the flag to shoot at and so on.

    Hanging out at over the edge to prevent players going across to grab the flag as the game possibly can be tied & battle goes on if he wasn't there a lot.

    Imo, I think he is interested for the play, but need to lay off the camping to dm... you only did 3 grab and no cap. You sir, usually get my attention to report you. No offense.
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    People never learn camping on the back of woot or the sides or all of those retarded ass andactions they always go to the corner or behind the flag to DM spawns. ITS NOT ALLOWED STOP DOING IT.... I see so many people doing this its hard to warn 5-6 people because that's half of the server breaking rules. I try to warn people if I see them doing this to just let them know hey.. that's not allowed here if I have to warn you again your outta here...

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    more such post! Perhaps the time to learn it then :smile-new:

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    Camping and DMing on combo is old problem

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