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    Unreal Tournament Voice trick

    Just going to show you how to access any default voice in any default player class.

    Go to your unreal tournament System folder.
    Find and open (open with a basic text editor(notepad) if you are asked what program to open it with.)(Best to make a back up of
    Go to the bottom of the file.
    Then add these lines.
    Object=(Name=BotPack.VoiceMaleOne,Class=Class,MetaClass=BotPack.VoiceBoss,Description="Male One")
    Object=(Name=BotPack.VoiceMaleOne,Class=Class,MetaClass=BotPack.VoiceFeMale,Description="Male One")
    Object=(Name=BotPack.VoiceFemaleOne,Class=Class,MetaClass=BotPack.VoiceBoss,Description="Female One")
    Object=(Name=BotPack.VoiceFemaleOne,Class=Class,MetaClass=BotPack.VoiceMale,Description="Female One")
    Object=(Name=BotPack.VoiceMaleTwo,Class=Class,MetaClass=BotPack.VoiceBoss,Description="Male Two")
    Object=(Name=BotPack.VoiceMaleTwo,Class=Class,MetaClass=BotPack.VoiceFemale,Description="Male Two")
    Object=(Name=BotPack.VoiceFemaleTwo,Class=Class,MetaClass=BotPack.VoiceBoss,Description="Female Two")
    Object=(Name=BotPack.VoiceFemaleTwo,Class=Class,MetaClass=BotPack.VoiceMale,Description="Female Two")

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    Same result, less chances to fuck up, extract this in your system folder: VoiceChanger.rar


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    Your knowledge is too much for this place, professor
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