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    How to setup and install a UT4 HUB (Windows)

    Setting up a UT4 hub

    Setting up a UT4 hub was quite simple. You need to register at and download the latest pre-alpha server from

    Extract the server files and you should end up with something like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I chose my base directory as C:\Program Files\UT4HubServer

    You then need to create a bat file with the following
    @echo off // you can use @echo on too if you want it to print what it's doing / it's status
    cd C:\Program Files\UT4HubServer\UnrealTournamentServer.exe
    UnrealTournament UT-Entry?Game=Lobby -server.log
    goto Start
    This is a loop and therefore, whenever the server crashes, it will just restart itself immediately. You could add in a PAUSE argument to allow a 5/10 break before the process restarts.

    I personally did not use a batch file for the hub server. I use a process monitor daemon called firedaemon instead.

    For the benefit of Firedaemon users:

    • Programs tab:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    1. My executable was set to: C:\Program Files\UT4HubServer\UnrealTournamentServer.exe
    2. The working directory: C:\Program Files\UT4HubServer
    3. The parameters: UnrealTournament UT-Entry?Game=Lobby -server.log

    • Settings tab:

    I used logon accounts to differentiate the servers. Otherwise they all run under the same username and it's impossible to tell which server is which, when running multiple from one box. You will need to create Administrator accounts with passwords and type the details here:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    As we are using Firedaemon to monitor the process, I set:

    1. Click interact with desktop
    2. Upon program exit: Restart the program

    Recovery tab:

    I set the service to restart on each failure.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    First test run
    Your initial run is to generate the ini files which you will configure. ini files are stored in: C:\Program Files\UT4HubServer\UnrealTournament\Saved\Config\W indowsServer
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The files you need to edit are as follows: GAME.INI and ENGINE.INI


    Set the following, if not already generated by the server. We are basically saying that the HUB:
    • Instances start at port 7777
    • Max instances are 16.

    The maximum instaces supported by the engine is 16. We have a 16 core server and therefore, we have the capacity to host the maximum. Play around with your config.

    Again, we have MaxPlayersInLobby set to 600 because we have a very powerful server. You'll need to play around with your config to see what your server can handle.

    [/Script/UnrealTournament.UTGameState] UT4 Public Hub
    ServerMOTD=<UT.Font.NormalText.Large.Bold>Official UnrealKillers UT4 Hub</>\n\n<UT.Font.NormalText.Medium> &</>\n\n<UT.Font.NormalText.Medium></> UT4 Public Hub
    The rest is quite self explanatory really. You are naming the server with ServerName. With MOTD you are writing the message to display to all players in your lobby. Use \n\n to create line spacing.


    Your server should just generate the above. You should specify an RconPassword it's your admin password.

    You should now be ready to start your server. If you used Firedaemon, just press the start button, if you chose the bat file option, just double click it.
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