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    Xavrenaguel AKA Higor

    TLDR; Gets balanced, rages to spec, comes back when spot is empty, gets balanced again and it goes on.

    1. He was on green. The nobody` guy left so dante balanced the teams which moved higor to blue. He kept typing !g to go back to green but was getting balanced so he rages to spec.

    2. Now Oblivious joins red. Higor tries to come to green from spec but gets balanced again so he goes back to spec. Same old shit.

    3. Few other people join which opens up a spot for higor on green and he joins again.

    PS: Xavieria AKA Chamberly was also assisting higor to help him get back to green by joining in order to open up a spot for him. I couldn't take that Screenshot but |uK|ScReaM was there on spec. He saw everything

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    i can upload the demo

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